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The first revolution is when you change your mind.

The Red Bella Agency is spearheaded by its founder, Michelle Spain. Michelle has dedicated herself to providing innovative concepts and solutions for clients since the start of her first entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 21. With an educational background in International Business and Strategic Marketing/Strategic Brand Management studies, she realizes the importance of brand aesthetic & development when competing in a global market.

Born in the United Kingdom and raised dually abroad and in the United States as a military “brat” – she has developed a keen sense of global sensitivity and awareness through exposure to a variety of different cultures and countries.

Unlike a typical brand “strategist”, Michelle has more than a decade in the area of brand design. She not only understands the crucial elements of a successful brand aesthetic and how it relates to the overall strategy, she is also able to develop and execute the technical creation of creative concepts and imagery needed to actually bring the vision to fruition. Her ability to technically produce high-end deliverables for print and the web, in addition to her knowledge of global brand development and strategy uniquely positions her to contribute an inordinate amount of experience to each and every project.